Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prep School Rivals - Chapter 4 preview

I've had to put the Prep School novels on hiatus for the last year due to scheduling conflicts, but I'm happy to say that Prep School Rivals, the third book in the series, is back on track! Here's an excerpt from chapter 4, where we pick up with Gabrielle after the traumatic events at the end of Prep School Scandal...


Gabrielle had not left her room in days, not since her parents had brought her home from the hospital. In that time, she had barely spoken to anyone. There was nothing to say to her parents, even though they had cut short their European trip after receiving word of the car accident. She had no friends to talk to, even if she had wanted to. No one except her parents had come to the hospital to visit and no one from school had called the house to check up on her. She remembered being popular once, but that felt like a long time ago. She blamed herself. She knew she had driven her friends away over the last year. She was not the same girl she used to be.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Prep School Rivals - Prologue Preview

Prep School Scandal has been out for almost two months now and I am so thankful for all the people who have downloaded this new book for their summer reading! I encourage everyone who reads and enjoys to share their thoughts in amazon reviews. Every positive review helps spread the word about the series. I am so lucky to have had great people encouraging me to keep writing on facebook and twitter as well! 

Hard at work right now on the third book Prep School Rivals. I am excited to share the next installment of Jack and Larsen's story with everyone and hoping to put it out before the end of 2013. Until then, here's a special preview from what I've written so far to whet your appetite...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Prep School Rivals - Author's Notes: New Characters

Another installment of my thoughts as I work on Prep School Rivals. The original web series had some great volunteer extras in Season 3, but unfortunately there was not time to delve into anyone's stories except the main characters. Throughout the novels, I have really relished the opportunity to create families and friends galore in the Prep School world. This post will discuss some of my new teen characters in the books. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Prep School Rivals - Author's Notes: Drama Club

As I've been writing book 3 of the Prep School Series, the upcoming Prep School Rivals, I thought it might be fun to share some of my thoughts and insights on the process. This post focuses on the function of the drama club's plays into the stories of each novel. Drama club was a huge part of my high school experience and so I made it one for my characters as well!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Prep School Rivals - Product Description

Much thanks to everyone who has purchased Prep School Scandal so far! I hope you have enjoyed reading the further adventures of Jack and Larsen, which will continue later this year with the next novel...

Prep School Rivals

As the resident bad boy, Larsen has made enemies at prep school before, but never one as devious and determined as Edgar Alexander.

Edgar wants Jack for himself and he has seen the way that Jack looks at Larsen. Driven by jealousy of the bond between Jack and Larsen, Edgar wages a desperate war to tear them apart. 

Edgar finds the perfect partner in crime, Larsen’s embittered ex-girlfriend Gabrielle. Loss and betrayal have instilled in her a desire for revenge that matches his own. This girl will be his ultimate weapon, but underestimating her may be his undoing.

Coming Soon to Paperback and Digital Download

Thursday, June 6, 2013

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To celebrate the release of my brand new novel Prep School Scandal, here's a new FREE PROMOTION for the original Prep School Blues. For 48 hours, June 6-7 2013, catch up on the story with a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the first novel. Limited time offer.

Once you enjoy the first book, check out the sequel!